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How Robo Advisors Can Make a Real Difference in Your Financial Planning

With advent of new technologies, we began believing in immediacy. From pizza to direct mail, we want everything with the speed of light and accuracy of machines. While washing machines have replaced traditional ‘dhobi ghats’ and Google maps have shunned the need to ask directions, finance related advice is being provided by robots now. Robo […]


Human face of big data

Social Blood – Leveraging Big Data 2

      ‘The twitter of the 80’s are now dead’ – this headline about the closure of the 150 year old telegram services made me wonder how technology destroys and recreates its very own pillars of foundation. It’s like that never ending journey that self generates and moves into an entirely different direction and […]

Is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Windows Store Apps Certification Right for You?

  Are you capable of using HTML5 or C# skills to develop elegant apps which are both highly functional and beautiful to look at? If this sounds like the type of work you’d like to perform as an IT professional, the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): Windows Store Apps certification may be right for you.  […]