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Social Blood – Leveraging Big Data 2

      ‘The twitter of the 80’s are now dead’ – this headline about the closure of the 150 year old telegram services made me wonder how technology destroys and recreates its very own pillars of foundation. It’s like that never ending journey that self generates and moves into an entirely different direction and […]

Human face of big data


Let there be …Love!

     “Every generation thinks that they are wiser than the next generation and every generation thinks that they are intelligent than the previous one.” While a Bong friend of mine booked his flight tickets to Hyderabad this evening to prove himself worthy to his in-law’ eyes – an obvious question dawns! Both boy and […]

Chlorine: The Silent Killer 3

  How soothing does it feel, relaxing under the prolonged showers, after you had a torrid day at office and the sweltering sun? How much at peace are you with yourself, when you sip from that bottled mineral water, in a roadside dhaba? How sweet does those apples taste, when you toss one up from […]

Blissfully Unaware  --- Image Source