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Satyagraha! – Is this what we are fighting for? – A Movie Review 3

      Prakash Jha’s latest movie ‘Satyagraha’ leaves us in a pool of emotions. Both a cynic and a patriot would be rejoicing. The movie although has been brilliant in patches, has mostly shown a flawed execution. Playing into the emotional factor quite well, with pot boiling speeches against corruption and stereo typing power […]

Satyagraha? Is this what we are actually fighting for?

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‘Democrazy’ and the Yoga Guru

  Jerk 1: “Dude, Nolan is directing his next – The Dark Knight Part –II!!!” Jerk 2: “Whoa!! Cool! Who’s in, this time, same guy?” Jerk 1: “Nopsy, It’s the Baba Ramdev” Jerk 2: (Rolls on the floor laughing’ his ass out!) Gotham had its dark knight, now it seems that the largest democratic nation […]

Hazare, Wiki-leaks and the cold feet of Democracy 2

  This is laughable! One man, amongst a billion raises pitch, stands up firm against corruption and negative forces, gets the support of the nation, becomes the media’s darling and finally makes the government bow to his demands. Quite impressive, considering that this, god father lacking, face in the crowd, obscure Gandhian, suddenly becomes the […]

Reincarnated by Values