The Ruby in the Dust 2






If I smile n ask you to do the same,

Will you be able to live my dream?

Can you go across the Burning Ghats n never look back;

I wouldn’t want you to see me broken and burnt.

I might hide my tears, but the smile won’t be there once again.

I had given it to you, for you, a life regained!


If I keep your memories with me n, ask you to fly away,

Will you come back and hug me like my solitude does?

I might hide my tears again, but I still sleep with you in my eyes.

There may not be a full moon again, Coz, it’s been burning all night!

I wouldn’t want you to come to my dreams again,

Sleep doesn’t come in eternal sunshine!


If I someday bade you a late goodbye,

Would be still remember, the boy who loved you so…?

Can you let go off my hand, and cross the endless bridge?

I wouldn’t want you see the pain that singes my heart, inside-out.

I might hide, what I feel, I know if you have known ‘dreams’…

  You would find a heaven on the other side, and love too!


Think of those sunshine days, those moonlit nights,

Think of the touch, that you still feel in your solitude journeys.

Am sure, you would never forget to smile again, nor fall short of happiness.

The dreams, which I saw for you, will be your greatest gift,

To love yourself once again,

To see through those moonlit nights,

To unveil the shrouded darkness,

That love is nothing, but a ruby in the dust.

 *Sometimes my solitude seems more than you, not a mere shadow, nor a nightmare, but alive, burning, talking, caressing, as if it has loved me forever, but it’s me, who failed to notice!*



About Dream Peddler

The author finds too many similarities with himself and the boy Calvin. Although a cold blooded techie, working with an Indian software MNC, the finer things of love and life fascinates him. Major portions of his work are about the things that inspires and pacifies. Politics and society too get a chance.

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2 thoughts on “The Ruby in the Dust

  • Sumanta Ghosh

    You shouldn’t judge him by his washing n cleaning skills,
    Or his urge to find the cheapest deals,
    Definitely not by FIFA scores or by bathing schedules,
    Neither by late night working on Informetica modules.

    You should not judge him by Superdry on a summer day,
    Or by big hairs in the middle of May,
    Definitely not by virus attacks or sinus spree,
    Neither by hourly urge for a cup of tea.

    That’s the chap, when you know him he is fun,
    Cool headed, shy and stays calm,
    One day he wants to become the modern Shakespeare,
    He might become really the one, I fear.

    You would find simplicity in his writings and blogs,
    He would quietly look at the sky when it pours cats n dogs,
    He would put everything so soft and gentle in his picture,
    Simplifies everything after a day’s fixture.

    You would find new light and strength to fight,
    After the days battle, coming home in the night,
    Read his stories, I assure you will be surged,
    Let me tell you the truth, he is not a person to be judged.

    Cheers!! Readers..