The Namesake…



What i know, the world spins over.

What i see, the shadow in the lover.

The shadow in the lover;

The darkness forever.

The smoke in the fire;

The soul in the pyre.

The twinkle in the eye;

The dead star in the sky.


What i hear, the silence of the night.

What i feel, the chill in the plight.

The chill in the plight;

The blindness in the sight.

The hour in need;

The wizards of weed;

The puff of life;

The jab of the knife.


What i care, the world cares not.

What i love, the world loves not.

The alice of my school;

Queen of hearts who rule.

The shape of ma’ heart;

The love in the tart.

The picture in ma’ mind;

A grain in the grind!!!

About Dream Peddler

The author finds too many similarities with himself and the boy Calvin. Although a cold blooded techie, working with an Indian software MNC, the finer things of love and life fascinates him. Major portions of his work are about the things that inspires and pacifies. Politics and society too get a chance.

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