The Late Goodbye 8




Remember, our first kiss?  I really don’t have a clue, how I came close to you, but suddenly you were in my arms! I saw something in your eyes, so enchanting, so sparkling, like the rain soaked, midnight moon. I still dream of that glow in your eyes.

Emanating from those deep, doe shaped black eyes , blotted with love, rising up, encircling me, into the surreal world we made together, for the moment that belonged entirely to us.


I wish, I could read these lines from my diary and they would come alive. I wish I could have seen you again.


Lost in the black of your kohl lined eyes,

Forever, in you, let me kiss the purple skies,

Remind me, if I forget to play the game,

Wash the dust from your name!


Remember how you wanted to get soaked in the monsoon’s first rain drops? I don’t know how the heavens poured so hard, that we were stuck at the coffee shop for half the night, and you could finally get under the rain, did they taste sweet? Everything that seems to touch you does, at least.  I wish we could swim in the fish bowl, laughing and playing, lost again, all night, and the nights to come by.

I wish, I could read these lines from my diary and they would come alive. I wish you were here.


So many poetries to write, but lost for words,

You show me the ‘paradox’ called life- a few torn chords!

Remind me, if I forget to keep track of time,

Because I too need to heal and rhyme!


Remember how we used to look straight to the horizon, that thin line between the earth and the sky,  Sweetheart, that is where we made the castle of our dreams. Love is blind and sadly, the horizon never existed, and all the things that we imagined, beyond it, didn’t too. But it feels good to dream, it can change your life, isn’t it? Sometimes I tend to forget, how your face felt, when I touched you, how your lips trembled when I kissed them, how tight your hands held mine, when you were sad and how salty  your tears tasted, when you hid your face into me and cried. I wish I could just sit next to you, shoulder-to-shoulder, and read the first ever poem I wrote for you.


I wish, I could read these lines from my diary and they would come alive. I wish you were her beside me.


I wish the blue jay would fly in again,

Wrap my dreams, in its little wings of pain,

The innocence has grown, the dream is slain,

The beast is out, lurking, to kill someone, again,

Fly, away blue jay, back to the horizon, into the rain!
From where you answered my call,
From where the tears and stars fall,

Never to come back…

… Never to come back…!



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Somebody with tastes in good reading, coffee and conversations. Happy and content - a great believer in life's struggles and coming out of them.

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8 thoughts on “The Late Goodbye

  • Suvrajit Gangopadhyay

    Liked it. There’s a similarity in your posts , like a common motivation , most probably a broken heart. So , this one seems like a sequel/prequel (I haven’t been able to fathom yet) of the previous one.

    • sauvik

      :-) What you said, was the best kept secret! I just write.. there’s no real reason. I write about people, who concern me the most/ them who has had a significant effect on my life. I dont take their names, to protect identities, :-) And sometimes i just write about how many stars i counted at night, or how many crows i saw while on way to my workplace.
      :-) Do come in more often!

  • jocelyn

    hello wow u have nice thoughts im waiting for some inspiring article forgiveness is the best u can give to one sinner and to forget is the thing you can do to yourslf to move on and have peacefull thinking to forget something though i
    s hard forget and forgive is the best to be love by everybody

  • Souveek

    Wow! Amazed! Very well expressed. All along I thought this was written by you…a man’s expression of love…until I reached the end to find it written by Ruchira. Great work!

    • Dream Peddler

      Thanks Souveek.. :-) Expressions of love are so intense that it hardly matters from whom it comes from, at the end of the day, its how you see yourself at the mirror.. and how you translate the reflection you see. That decides if whether you are untouched by life and its ‘atrocities’. What say? ;-)