The Broken Prayer



I have had a dream, I could see the sun through the window- Flooding, Glaring. My skin feels so numb! I could feel the sun, the heat.

I had an angel, I had a shadow, I had it at that time, because there was, the Light.

But, now, where is that shadow?

As the flight took over, and left a distant view of the queen’s necklace, searing through the skies the blue skies…

I recall. Ma always told me that God lived in the skies. I thought, maybe Ma is right.
Am I nearer to God, now that I am up here?
Am I close to God?
Am I going to see him? I closed my eyes, and told myself a broken prayer, that nobody heard. Nobody?


It was late that afternoon, as the flight roared up into the clouds, there was a strange feeling that came up to me. I will be leaving the country for a year maybe a two, leaving behind my ailing grandmother. Restlessness was all I had.

8 months down the line –

Its time of the year again! Post Diwali, our little home, back home in India would light up again to joy and happiness. Lakshmi Pooja being one of the most homely poojas that we have every year, it’s a time of celebration. Most of the relatives, who come in Diwali, from different parts of the world, just enjoy the final few days of their long vacation, until next year. It’s all about missing home. The smell of the Agarbathies, the musty smell of the Pooja ingredients would make anybody home sick, as I sit here recalling home  miles away in London. Putting the kalash, the marigold flower, a coin and some rice grains. Adjusting the mango leaves along the sides of the kalash. Then I remember the way we drew the rangolis around the Lakshmi statue. Finally mother would come around draped in a saree, carrying her most prized possession – the “Cycle Pure Agarbathies Lakshmi Pooja pack” with  a variety of items, and the distinct aroma of the of beautiful smell of the Agarbathies gave the room a unique spiritual feel. Everything that you might need for the Lakshmi would be there right in front your eyes. Those were just memories now. Until, feeling really homesick, I called my mother and told her that I am really missing home. She told me that she will ask my dad to buy a Cycle Pure Agarbathi Lakshmi Pooja Pack from and ship it to London. I said, but mom how will you do it? Is it possible? And even if you send it, how will I arrange the Pooja, I don’t have anything with me. Mom just reassured it, and said “Beta, I am your mother, I know, what I am sending. It’s so easy and it has everything that you will need for the Pooja. Every little thing that your mother uses you will find it in the pack. This pack will also contain audio CD s and instruction manuals for slokas, tulsi stand, candles and agarbathies. Do remember to send me the pictures”.  –It was a mother’s gift.

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