The Comeback Nation: The day Japan rises again


There is always a silver lining to the darkest of the clouds. When the worst of the earthquakes ever recorded in the history of mankind, hit the ‘most prepared nation’ and an equally shattering tsunami aftershock, the world looked over. Millions of tones paper and ink flowed across the mills circulating anticipation, fear, trauma and sympathy flung far across the seven seas for the fury-stricken nation. But what caught one’s fancy was the praise that the world media showered on the land of the rising sun. Hardly have I come to hear, how hope bred after such a monster calamity. People are talking of an uprising when a nation built with so much hard work and resilience has been dissipated in matter of seconds. As if it’s a salute to the undying spirit, the unity and the technological brilliance that keeps the nation one step ahead of the rest.

Japan seems to be destruction’s favorite child.  Nature’s unfathomable combination of a catastrophic earthquake,

The land of the rising sun

tsunami and a nuclear meltdown has brought back memories of the mushrooming atomic fireballs and Chernobyl. Time and again, life has come full circle for the Japanese. Constantly fighting against Mother Nature’s fangs of fury, they have found solace in the lap of technology, since America’s atomic-plunder of the nation. And they rose, faster and stronger than ever before. And rightly so, Japan’s strength has been re-instated the fact that the country doesn’t have two left feet to match the steps with the nature’s dance of destruction.

After a disaster in many countries convenient stores and grocery stores would close for fear of looting. In Japan, however, not only did they remain open but acted as a support system for the wary yet well behaved people finding their way back home on foot.”

“In grocery stores where the isles where toppled and littered with fallen items and debris, people who came in looking for food helped pick up the items off the floor and put them back in place. Then after collecting what they needed they stood in line patiently and paid for their items. In a crowded commuter train recently running again an elderly man gives up his seat for a pregnant woman. The foreigner (reporter?) watching the scene was lost for words.”

There are many more messages and comments of this nature coming in from the foreign media.  I will continue to deliver these messages to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much, Maiko Ida

(Quotes from CNN and BBC re-translated back from Japanese — Maiko Ida a business analyst reporting the realization of her culture and the crisis that her nation faces.)


Over centuries it has been observed that human psychology has proved to be the most defiant and resilient in times of utter crisis and turmoil. It always rises to the occasion. Adversities often take out the untapped infinite potential in man, proving time and again, that the mind is always on top of the matter. That matter can be planted again, watered and admired again. Civilizations which succumbed have risen again stronger, more prosperous and rejuvenated that ever before. Hindu philosophies have timelessly scripted how creation sprouts from the seeds of destruction. Countless times we have seen how an individual rises from the unending depths of tragedies, struggled and ascend like a phoenix with an indomitable spirit and will.

At the end of the day, it’s the ‘can-do’ and the integrity of the mind that creates the way for the reincarnation. And a collection of such similar minds shall erase the tears of the nation and spur the re-birth of a community and more so of mankind. Shall Japan make it once again to the finish line and make it another remarkable comeback?

What happened in Japan was collateral damage and sheer devastation, what will happen, shall be another phenomenal growth story, charting into uncharted territories that will keep the rest of the world inspired and awe-struck for another century.

I salute “The spirited Phoenix Nation” and its tears.


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