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Lumos, and it was one of the best walking tours I had in London since the past few months, and I did take quite a few. It was the awe inspiring Harry Potter walking tour, that took us from the cinemas where all the Harry Potter movies had their world premieres, to platform no. 9 3/4 at the famous Kings cross Station. When the tour started at 3:45 from Leicester Square, the London skies were pouring in like never before. We sneaked out from the nearby French coffee joint Café Rogue, where he had put up with a quick round of lattes and lemon cakes.


Image Source: Coffee dusted lattes with delicious lemon flavored cakes - exquisite French ambience!

Image Source:
Coffee dusted lattes with delicious lemon flavored cakes – exquisite French ambiance!


Harry Potter Walking Tour

With Rain pouring down, people clutched onto the umbrellas and cameras and walked on relentlessly – walking away the “Ministry of Magic”!

With tightly clutched umbrellas and careless camera clicks, we walked down the roads of Leicester square to Trafalgar square- visiting the cinema that had all Potter films making their world premieres, and the longest red carpet in the history of world premieres.  In fact it was on the insistence of JK Rowling that all Harry Potter should have their world premieres in London and everyone who works in the Harry Potter films should be of British origin. This has been able to create a huge surge in the English film industry post the Harry potter films and great deal of upheaval in their tourism industry. This fictional character of Ms. Rowling now forms a very important part of the British tourism. In fact, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, have their portraits painted and hung on the very top floor of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, beside the members of the Royal Family.


The Trio of our walking tour, enthusiastic on the rain, for a piece of the limelight. Walking towards the Ferry ride, on river Thames


Battling the torrential rains, we then walked past Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Magic which is right at the bottom of this historic building. The old borough market glorified by the Leaky Cauldron was classic. Gosh! That was fun- meandering through the multiple stalls of temporary shops filled with a musty flavour of the food, and world famous British cheese. With darkly lit alleys, it brought about the exact experience of reading about the places in the Potter books. The bridge where the Knight Bus squeezes between two London Double Decker buses, the bridge destroyed by Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters, the secret hideout where Harry is reunited with Sirius Black are some of the such wonderfully thought out locations that put up some of the most exotic places of the heritage London that we would hardly visit of not on this tour.


Walking tour

Crossing the road and en-route to the Bridge that was destroyed by Lord Voldemort’s Death Eaters in Half Blood Prince.


Finally the 9 and  ¾ platform and the half inserted trolley into the brick walled pillars of king cross, where you could go and get a quick snap as if you running into the magical-world-turned-true :-)  Then the Harry Potter shop just blew me away, everything from the book has been turned into a memorabilia, literally everything – And it such a wonderfully refreshing sight to actually see the snitch, the tri-wizard cup, the wands, which you can actually buy.


Walking Tour

The Magical Shop that turned Harry Potter into life. The children were super excited and were all posing with the Dumbledore’s Elder Wand – perhaps this is where the success of Rowling lies.


Walking Tour

Lol.. I couldnt believe that they would make a Marauder’s map from the book. exact and detailed. Wonderful depiction



Ahh! Hogwarts and the scarfs.. :-)

walking tour

The weasly freebies. Chocolate frogs and jelly beans… which they actually worked. :)



Walking Tour

Queuing up for 9 and three quarter. Cups, mugs, magnets, paper weights and key rings, it looked different and lively. My better half couldn’t resist a couple of them.


The Elder Wand- Need a Harry Potter Fan say or need more details – totally fascinated.



Oh look! Fine makers of the wands since … The famous Olivander’s wand shop at Diagon Alley..!


It was a wonderful tour, if you want to explore the dark alleys in the heritage London and  specially if you are an ardent Potter fan. Then this tour and deport you into a parallel universe of magic, which exists in our whims ans wishes.  And I guess its a wonderful way to see the city and its ethnic parts, where you would hardly tread, through the alleys and under bridges barely lit, a place where magic was created and believed to be there. Its a place where you can come out of the reality and bask in the glory of another world which never exists, but made to be such that you believe.

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