It’s Good to Dream 4

  • Have you ever read of a frog who wanted to become a prince?
  • Have you ever read about a Lennon who wished for a world without any boundaries?
  • Have you ever read about the Rapunzel who waited for her prince everyday by the window?
  • Have you read about Black President dreaming of a beautiful and one America?
  • Have you ever read about a humble Indian who fought for the freedom of his motherland till death?


Its feel good to hear about such people, doesn’t matter if they really existed or made up. They give us immense strength. It feels good to dream, and it feels amazing to fight for your dream and then it feels surreal when you live that dream.

Life is so unpredictable, that it’s difficult to trust it. But fact is you don’t have to trust it, if you were to survive it. Born in the eastern skylight, as we sand-walk towards the setting sun, you have to realize that life shall give you enough opportunities to smile. All you need is that courage and the resilience to hold on to those and make it large. Weak minds do not dream. They can’t dream, because they are too afraid of to lose. When you put yourself into the dreamland, you should also be able to find a way out of it, and face failure and rise again.

I don’t think there are believers and atheists. They are pretty much the same. One believes in the “how of the universe” and the other in the “why of the universe. At the end of the day, both believe. If believing makes you happy, then why not just believe? No matter how many times you have been hurt, how many times have you died in one’s belief, why can’t you sit back again, close your eyes and start believing? Not in others, but yourselves, and I am sure you will find the twinkle in your eyes and the light at the end of the tunnel.


Leap of Joy

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Life is easy…

  • If you dream,
  • If you accept,
  • If you realize,
  • If you detach,
  • If you do what you can at this moment

Life is beautiful…

  • If you love,
  • If you live,
  • If you laugh,
  • If you believe,
  • If you watch the setting sun with awe every day

Life is fair…

  • If you play nice,
  • If you answer yourself,
  • If you come undone,
  • If you take a leap of joy,
  • If you believe whatever happens, happens for a reason.


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The author finds too many similarities with himself and the boy Calvin. Although a cold blooded techie, working with an Indian software MNC, the finer things of love and life fascinates him. Major portions of his work are about the things that inspires and pacifies. Politics and society too get a chance.

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