How is happiness and desire related? Are you happy when you get what you desire?

Desire is instinctive, and happiness a slow manifestation of the mind. Osho says, pursue and fulfill all your desires and once you complete that path, you reach the gates of spirituality, and then begins your pursuit of the eternal happiness. So can I assume from here that just pursuing your desires blindly with an eye on happiness doesn’t give you what actually you are looking for? And on the other hand, your desire, does that ever end? Today, you want a nice fat paycheck, once you get that, you want a posh automobile, you get that too, and then you want something else? Do you actually know what you are looking for? Or are you just   being influenced by the ‘other’ external factor? Desire doesn’t to lead to happiness as per the general perception.

Desire, yes… it helps you realize the meaning of your existence. How? Imagine a jigsaw puzzle. The desire is the hurdles and the cross roads that lies in between, you go on from one hurdle to the other, you trip on one, and you jump the other, the dice is in your hands. You make the choice.

Desire is the seed of both creation and destruction. From desire, this universe came into existence, and for the same reason, it will be destroyed. 

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