Is Religion for the Weak Hearted? 4

The Prologue:

It was past midnight! The world asleep, lights turned off, and shadows growing in size. Something moved and something tweaked, I thought I would fag, a bit, but then left the idea, and came up inside my room. Sitting on the bed, I looked up into the ashen skies. We looked at each other, longer than a minute. Seems like the stars are the only ones awake and keeping me company.

There was wind blowing, the leaves rustling. The new moon seemed to floating blissfully, in and out of the patches of grey clouds, unaware of so many of its forlorn lovers and lunatics.

I shuffled around in the shadowy room, picked up a pen and my diary; kept it aside, switched my laptop on; turned it off. Finally I settled down, at a place, overlooking the silent Calcutta skies, with the darkness as a blanket, my guitar and the talking stars.

My Observation

I see people running, every day, every moment; they keep on running, until the final breath. The desire to run is so fatal, they don’t care, when somebody falls, gets killed, gets a life, finds love, lust or enmity, they never look back. They run with faith, with fear, with ignorance and without a compass.

My Question:  Desire equals Religion?

Can desire be a religion? It’s a reason, it’s a cause, and it’s also, an effect! —–Or can religion can be a desire?

Buddhism says desire comes from ignorance. Ignorance comes from blind faith. Blind faith comes from an irrational mind. A religion is a mere manifestation of spirituality. It is designed to train an untamed mind, and guide it towards the eternal truth. Religion is for the followers, for men with desires.

Is there greater joy, in overcoming a desire, than satisfying it? My best guess is. Yes! There is. There is joy to sacrifice, a subtle sense of inner happiness, which lingers.  And you don’t run again, searching for that unattainable. But still you run, you run with belief, with fearlessness, with knowledge and with joy.

In large part world religions seem predominately focused on the restraint, sublimation, or even elimination of human desires. –Uprising by Erwin McManus

Where does religion fail?

Religion seems to be an instrument of the purification of humanity, of suppressing the elements of desire, and subsequently it just tries to snuff out the life from you and me. Religion and society at a certain point of become so inseparable that it becomes impossible to draw the line of obscurity/deformity. That’s where religion fails; and in turn becomes a puppet to the most convincing story –teller in our society.

Religion has always played second fiddle to spiritualism. Religion is like the skin of a fruit, andspiritualism being the real fruit. When you taste the skin of it, you get to have a feel of the spiritualism, but sadly, it’s just an illusion, wrapped in the words of our societal story-tellers.

Religion does not let you achieve milestones, it’s an unending trail of a sweet smell that takes you for a ride, and brings you to the point where you started from. Religion creates wars; they breed hatred and nurture the sense of community, narrowing humanity for the sake of love. It proposes unconditional love, on one hand, and detests it on the other. It does not intend to be the way it is, but it innately creates a boundary on the restless human mind, it restricts us to a Bible, a Veda, or a Koran— to a Krishna, to a Jesus or an Allah! It denounces unity; there has to be a one path to that truth to humanity. Fear generated, cannot be a key to attain something as priceless as the infinite power.

The Final Call

How far can you run? And how long will it take to tranquility?

About Dream Peddler

The author finds too many similarities with himself and the boy Calvin. Although a cold blooded techie, working with an Indian software MNC, the finer things of love and life fascinates him. Major portions of his work are about the things that inspires and pacifies. Politics and society too get a chance.

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4 thoughts on “Is Religion for the Weak Hearted?

  • Zeon

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  • Deboshree

    A wonderful read. I relate with your take on how religion turns bad when it suppresses, creates wars – with the self and the world and tells us we are non deserving. But then people argue that the very perception of religion being limiting is ignorant.
    Sometimes I think that the “cool” new Facebook about me(s) that people write – I am spiritual but not religious – has its own ups.

    • Dream Peddler

      @Deboshree, Religion does limit. It creates a limitation/ a way/ a path for the common man, and tells them, you take this path to wisdom and follow it and you attain God/similar things. :-) Dont you think so?

  • tys

    ah religion! the rickety cart pulled by the spirituals to take the seeker for a ride. Enough said. There is no spirit, hence spiritualism would be like a being a swimmer in a desert. What do you know? Really. You.