An Alternative Universe

At times, I wonder what that eternal, evergreen emotion of ours’ is. As I throw this question into the cosmic void, I start my journey on my road to reminiscence, to take a peek-a-boo on my past life, my sunshine days. A walk through scattered dreams, punctuated with ecstasy and tears, twilight and dewdrops, roses and guns.

One feeling that dominates all our lives is love. Why are we so susceptible to love? Love; makes us dream, it makes us the happiest people on earth, it gives us the high, that no herb can give. At the same time love can give us a heart ache, a red eye, a sleepless night. Love, as an emotion is so sarcastically innocent.

No, I am not here to write crap about love. The many views that emanates from love, the scores of thoughts that results into actions because of love. Love, the child of a lesser god can be disastrous.“Want”, “greed”, “need” are all loves’ varied forms. All these humane emotions seep out of love. The exaggerated form of love that reciprocates and converses with the human mind more easily than the other side. Love’s devilish side.

Then I wonder how would be the love in a greater sense? Love as a child of the greater god. Its not really love any more, just like the other side. It’s all a different world of thoughts, emanating from love. It obviously paints a fair picture on the big screen. It’s “humanity”, its “compassion”, its “dreams”, for the greater good. I am awe struck at how two radically different thoughts are love’s child. May be this is the yet unknown fact of our life. The secret behind life. Or may be I am just being silly, and drawing conclusions out of nowhere.

How do you relate humanity, compassion and the loss of it? The killings at Nandigram; when the cause is more important than the individual. The continuous dispute over Kashmir; the sacrifice of one more humane vision. The explosives at the Samjhauta express burnt the controversial, attempted compassion, the fetus of girl child still being discarded. But once again, humanity has nothing but evolved. The surging population from Bangladesh, which Bengal tolerated, and gave them their second home, a home away from home, at 1971 war. The rescue of the little boy Prince from the 60 feet deep well; a humane side redefined. The hundreds of NGO’s who fought for the Tsunami victims.

Now the million dollar question is… How do we bridge humanity, the compassion, and the dreams of the common mass and the lesser side of it? The roadmap to this ethereal connection is us. No laws, no human rights commission, no imposed restrictions no nothing, it’s an open battle of minds, of will, of humanity, because it needs US and it has to come from inside. People are the bridge to this delicate balance. It’s only our “want” that can keep humanity alive.

We need to learn to stream the emotions of love’s two children into a common channel, to pacify the greater cause, to help humanity to grow! It’s the choice we make that make our worlds.

About Dream Peddler

The author finds too many similarities with himself and the boy Calvin. Although a cold blooded techie, working with an Indian software MNC, the finer things of love and life fascinates him. Major portions of his work are about the things that inspires and pacifies. Politics and society too get a chance.

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