Imagine there’s a story;

Imagine there are two lives..

Imagine the lives never met!

Imagine the beginning and the end;

Imagine one life and a death..

Imagine the life which never was!

Imagine the sunset and the twilight;

Imagine an emotion and a fool..

Imagine the emotion that never rose!

Imagine the poem and a thought;

Imagine a million verses and a woman..

Imagine the woman who never was!!!!

“Imagine” is so strong a word…it can wake the dead!!

About Dream Peddler

The author finds too many similarities with himself and the boy Calvin. Although a cold blooded techie, working with an Indian software MNC, the finer things of love and life fascinates him. Major portions of his work are about the things that inspires and pacifies. Politics and society too get a chance.

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