Love: The potion of “life” 2

Behind every success, there is a sacrifice…

Behind every puff of smoke, there is a fire…

Behind every love song, there is a love story…

Behind every minute passed in life, there’s one innocence…


Every thing we do, there’s an invisible hand, that lights up our way that inspires and infuses. People say life is all about give and take. What you give is what u take! But somewhere I feel there’s always a mismatch. Sometimes what you give to the world is not something you receive. Some cause you are fighting for is not fulfilled. A jigsaw puzzle that has gone awry? Somewhere, at some point of time, we feel a dearth. A desire behind which we gave our best, but still that vacuum is there. The unfulfilled expectation.


There’s many a slip between the cup and lip.

The Unconditional Love - (Source -wepc)


Why didn’t the love song die, since the love has been lost?

Why wasn’t sacrifice taken back, if we didn’t meet our destination?

Why didn’t the fire in the burning cigarette go down, if the smoke couldn’t kill?

Why didn’t we get back our lost innocence, if every life has one destiny, i.e., death?


We have one life. And its destiny? Death! Hell or heaven? Every love song we write, every success we crawl up to, every fire we light up, every minute we pass, every innocence, we leave behind, all has but, one destiny. Still why do we fight back? Why do count the odds? We are we like the sea? Kissing the feet our desire, but could never achieve that, and still we try. Why don’t we give up? Why do we walk alone, still; in the boulevard of broken dreams?


The cup is the desire.

The lip is the will, that invisible hand.

The slip is love.


The world still moves because it is “in love”. Love is the invisible hand that makes us go in search of all our dreams. We love our life, that’s why we still breathe. Every thing sums up to love. Love plays god all our lives. Love takes us slowly to eternity, that destination, death. We die in love. But still we love. Every war fought, has love at the end. The love of victory, the love of dominance. Every love story told to us as the love song behind it. The love might have been lost, but not the love song. This the love of sweet submission, the love of defeat, fantasy. Every sacrifice, behind an unfulfilled dream has the love of a fire rekindled, the love of a new dream, and rising from the ashes. Every minute we pass in our life, we look back. It’s the love of our long gone innocence. Our road to reminiscence.



In our childhood, mom taught us, that god is everywhere you look. The flowers, the dewdrops at the tip of a leaf, within you, within me. Everywhere. Our innocence put our trust in it. We were in love with nature. Hence we still ran…

At a time, when everything in our life was going wrong, none of the puzzles were matching, we put our trust in the belief. We were in love with our instincts. The faith worked as a mental support, we had sowed decades ago. The innocence returned. Somehow we got the strength and we ran…


Nelson Mandela redefined racism, because he loved the godliness of mankind, of being purely a human. Not a penny more, not a penny less. Tagore, penned Gitanjali, and redefined literature, because he was in love with expressions of his inner self. Hitler redefined war, he was in love with his pride.

Forrest Gump chose to run… he was in love with life… and he ran, ran and ran…


He became a shadow of ours…!

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The author finds too many similarities with himself and the boy Calvin. Although a cold blooded techie, working with an Indian software MNC, the finer things of love and life fascinates him. Major portions of his work are about the things that inspires and pacifies. Politics and society too get a chance.

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2 thoughts on “Love: The potion of “life”

  • sarah

    the slip isnt love always…sometimes thee ‘sip’ is love too…and that is determined by our destiny :)
    u have put up an amazing thought…and the way u poetically carved it out is remarkable…sometimes v HAVE to dive into the hidden and lesser accpeted or thot off realities to seek what is ours :))