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It was one of our post lunch coffee sessions on a lazy Sunday afternoon. My fiancée put down the half finished coffee on the bedside table and dumped a folded periodical over my Times of India.

“You know, our anniversary when we fell in love, is coming over and I have for so long wanted this Louis Vuitton bag for myself” She said, rather alluringly.

“I know that look, now don’t give me that again” I said stealing a glance at her, through my transparent coffee mug and trying to prepare my next line of defense.

“Oh, looks nice though, how much does it cost?” trying my level best not to call it “just-a-bag”, again.

“Umm, it’s a bit expensive though…”

“Still…How much is it?” I pretended to sound interested.

“Well, since you ask, it’s around 30k” (blushing)

“You, mean 3k right?” I asked, although knowing, what I heard was right.

“Nooo!! Are you completely nuts? Do you know what a Louis Vuitton is? What its brand value is? It’s worth every penny every penny of it. She was super excited as the words came gushing out of her mouth. I nodded in unison, as she spoke.

“But, its just-a-bag right?” I swear to all my readers that I didn’t want to say that sentence out (aloud). And before things started going out of control, I had to tame my ferocious Night Fury (a nick name I gave her) dragon. I said, “Okay, Okay, calm down, and have a look at this. As I flipped open my laptop, opened the QVENDO website and said, “This bag comes with an exquisitely carved out Calvin Klein hanging tag and sleek leather trim with blue nylon.”


“This looks cool, though, yes, I like it” She whined. What is this at the other page? I flipped through.



I don’t prefer yellow though, but hell ya, look at the discount!!!! Close to 75%? That seems next to impossible! She gasped. Not accustomed with so much of generosity when it comes to bags and shoes, she laid her suspicious eyes on me, and said, “Alrighty, now tell me what are you up to?”

I said, (as I pulled her closer to me) “Your highness, 50,000 bucks from this website is all yours, choose anything you wish to.”

“What the…? You know a lottery or what?”

“No!” I explained, “I am about to win a Indiblogger contest”

“And how can you be so sure?” she retorted back?  “Coz, I am destined to do so” I smiled back at her.

“So, what is this that you come to know, and I don’t?” she quizzed.

Sipping the remaining coffee, I started talking, “Well, sweetheart, since you ask, QVENDO is an exclusive, private online shopping club. Based out of Munich, it is a gateway to all the European and the US fashion brands, not available in India. What I mean is you get to have access to all the hot shot western brands and at the same time finish your coffee, before it turns cold. As I gave her the unfinished coffee, I continued with the same vigor, “Remember last week, when your Anjana aunty, flew from the US and was flaunting that multi tired Anna Konya gypsy skirt.

“Oh, yes! That was so beautiful, and you know… ” she said dreamily. Interrupting her, I said, “Yes, and you can have similar and more established western wear boutiques over here.”

“Really?(pauses) But these would be like real expensive huh? I mean, if they are giving us something which we don’t have in India, they would charge for it? She whined.  “Of course not! If that was the case, I wouldn’t have mentioned this to you”, I said, rather apologetically.




“I am starting to like this site, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, my Gosh! I like the shoe collection too, here, here, here… go back I can do with one of these…” As she played with my laptop mouse with a childlike enthusiasm, we navigated to the shoe section.













“You would look nice in these too, – As if she read my mind, It’s a flawless Tommy Hilfiger, sack coat with two button single breasted notch lapel. and the Armani dark denims ofcourse, a thing to die for!













By the way, I had never seen such shopping enthusiasm in you? Is there something wrong I am reading? She asked me with an air of suspicion.

I replied, “You know, our anniversary is coming over and I have for so long wanted these Georgio Armani shades for myself a staggering Rs. 17,600 shade for a paltry Rs. 7,400”.

She smiled and my comments were followed by an “Idiot” and a kiss on my left cheek…!


So finally we settled on the following:




Shopping has been never so easy. The perfectly user friendly interface and the great deals does make Qvendo a lucrative place to put your money in, and especially if you consider yourself a person with a high taste of fashion – then Qvendo is the place for you to be in. So, go! What are you waiting for? Pamper and prosper… sign in and open up to a world which you haven’t treaded on before.

Membership is limited and privileged. Use this link to grab the limited number of membership access that I have with myself being a part of the exclusive blogger of Indiblogger.


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