Nautanki Sala! The Sunday Entertainer

A perfect movie for the Sunday evening – doesn’t matter with whom, be it your family or girlfriend. A film made with the right amount of humor, emotional curry and still ‘not much’ of a drag.

Nautanki Sala! – The name itself might give you the right vibes, but trust me, one look at the trailer made me want the movie the very next show. Primarily because of 2 reasons Ayushman Khurana (Yes – just the one film old kid) and Kunal Roy Kapur (another of my favorite non conventional actor). And boy! Did I go with sky high expectation, with Vicky Donor still fresh in my mind.


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The film opens where Ayushman Khurana (RP) (who works for a theater company) always the good Samaritan saves a helpless and gullible Kunal Roy Kapur (Mandar Lele) from committing suicide – and takes him to his house. The film takes off from here and RP in his constant and relentless urge of help Mandar first allows him to settle down in his own house shared by Ayushman’ s live in girlfriend, then goes out of the way to give him the role of Lord Ram in this play. But Mandar still recuperating from his recent break up and his depression stumbles and fumbles in the theater auditions, as his confidence hits an all-time low.  The audition scene was spot on and hilarious and arguably one of the best scenes of the film. In a final valiant act of saving his friend RP gets in touch with Mandar’ s ex-girlfriend. Now I won’t be the spoiler and would recommend you give it a shot.
Ayushman Khurana as always is spontaneous as the winds of change. He somehow makes me feel that Indian film industry is witnessing a new genre of actors. His inanimate expressions and ability to connect with the audience is laudable. Kunal Roy Kapur is being a bit of type casted here. I mean, I can’t really imagine him in any other role than   a fat cry baby who farts at the earliest opportunity. One of my favorite actors for his amicable style should give himself some more space before he decides on his next role.

The making of the movie does impress. A good script keeps you glued to your popcorn tubs and the comic relief were so well spaced it actually mingles with the film and doesn’t seems untoward  The film’s ladies looked okay, especially Sita (played by Evelyn Sharma) looked the perfect eye candy. Moreover the film being from the Sippy production stable did leave a mark on the audience.

This is not one of the conventional Bollywood flicks where the hero plays god and fixes everything. This movie is all about the fact that God also falters and He too is human and errs. A must watch!


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