Iron Man 3- A Man of Steel?


Summary: A watchable movie – with awesome action sequences and fight scenes. Keep an eye on Tony Stark  and the Mandarin. Go! Watch, if you can take a super hero movie without Nolan’s name in it.  

Not one the best super hero movies I have watched lately, especially after Nolan’s foray into this surreal world of super stardom, there has been a benchmark of sorts on superhero movies. I know, it’s unfair to bring in a comparison when none actually exist, that’s an inevitable behavior of the human psyche.

Having watched the earlier versions of Iron man, I felt this movie has made with a different perspective and with a slightly different target audience in mind. The plot has been made more complicated, the humor squeezed in between the scenes, the fight sequences

The Man Of Steel?

and action scenes were great to watch. In fact, the helicopters swooping in to   Stark’s Malibu residence and the sheer destruction were a treat to watch. Robert Downey Jr. ah, he’s the nice chap, the regular good guy, billionaire, industrial tycoon, supplying iron man suits to the US army putting up in his next gen Malibu residence. But then, the past comes to haunt and unsettle this man of the hour – as Rebecca Hall, an old flame of Stark turns up. The film hereby introduces the Mandarin, a mixture of some Islamic militant outfit and the Chinese, who turns out to be a sheer delight – Ben Kinsley. This Laden-esque villainous Mandarin had already set the world on fire, by a series of terror bombings. Stark on his journey to unearth the truth finds that the highly unstable substance named as ‘Extremis’ when injected into the human body is actually capable of curing of the sick, and war mutilated people. A technology that has turned up into the wrong hands and has been weaponized, and ofcourse as all super hero movies would go, our Iron man would leave no stone unturned to stop this catastrophe from happening.


Stark’s humor and rage has been marvelous and a revelation. Stark is the spark in here. It is he who saves the grace of this film and makes it different from the run of the mills, save-America-superhero movies. Stark’s long term girlfriend seems too stereotyped and helpless – maybe she couldn’t really come of the Iron man halo,  Gwyneth Paltrow – was forgettable. Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) also did a good job, of a convincing villain, who later turned out to the real Mandarin, wherein Ben Kinsley actually was a scripted actor playing the role of a terrorist to near perfection. The twists made the movie entertaining as Stark chugged along with tremendous action sequences. Don Cheadle, deserves a mention in the sequence of action scenes, but I felt he was underutilized and more so he looked out or sorts – not the type of role I would love watching him.


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