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Satyagraha? Is this what we are actually fighting for?

                   Satyagraha? Is this what we are actually fighting for?


Prakash Jha’s latest movie ‘Satyagraha’ leaves us in a pool of emotions. Both a cynic and a patriot would be rejoicing. The movie although has been brilliant in patches, has mostly shown a flawed execution. Playing into the emotional factor quite well, with pot boiling speeches against corruption and stereo typing power hungry ministers and upholding the principles of Gandhi! It seemed too much of a rip off from the Anna Hazare movement. Something so fresh in our minds, I didn’t fully understand the necessity to pull off a celluloid version of this, especially if you don’t have anything new to give to the audience. The film had the scripted Prakash Jha treatment, with Ajay Devgan, who will often remind of the gutsy Arvind Kejriwal and Arjun Rampal playing almost the same character as he did in Rajneeti. I almost felt like, I was watching a sequel  of Rajneeti, which was flawed, has only raw emotions, unlike the strategies rolled out by a charismatic Ranbir Kapoor with the evergreen Nana Patekar in close ties. The only brighter side of this movie, was Amitabh Bachhan. Never a die-hard Bachhan fan, I was left numb with adrenaline, when he stormed into the collector’s room and slapped him. I mean, these are the few scenes, why I would go for a Prakash Jha film. These adrenaline rushing scenes where you – just jump off the edge of your seat – almost pumping a clenched fist into thin air. But sadly, this movie doesn’t deliver, and especially with the mind numbing song sequences pumped into the movie, and then there would come the Ajay-Kareena – love-song-scene. Urgh!

Amitabh Bachhan was stupendous as usual. The way he carried forward the ideogy of Mahatma Gandhi, is commendable and at the same time, grieved by the immense loss of the death of his son.

Ajay Degan  is born for this. Making intense films, He has impressed me during his Company days, with a half burnt cigarette dangling at the corner of this lips, to playing a political hot shot with a will to overthrow the people of power is mesmerizing.


Arjun Rampal and Amrita Rao also adds their own values to the movie and so does Kareena Kapoor with her forced and unnatural contradictions with the films main protagonist.  I would NOT give any points to to the director for making another senseless pot boiler, a mere commercial venture, which almost seemed paid content at every scene. The songs are a disaster – total disaster.


At the end of the day, I felt pretty much disappointed that somebody who’s making a mass statement against corruption and the person from whom this has come from almost seemed distant and the intentions not very honest. More effort has been put into arousing public orgasm, with the likes of Amitabh and Ajay. The film is completely fitted into set pieces, taking bits and pieces from whatever we have seen in the past, it does impact the audience but only till- they are surrounded by the Dolby digital sound effects.

But what left me wondering was, is this the correct message to spread? Arousing public emotions, and bringing into mobocracy, pulling down people from positions to power and dragging them into the gutters of the city? I mean, that is what every word of the movie script echoes.

Right from the beginning when Amitabh tries to bulldoze through Ajay’s definition of success, we knew that where this was heading to. In the name of Satyagraha, aren’t we just promoting mobocracy? Wasn’t Gangajaal revolving around the same theory? There are a lot of corruptions that is plaguing the country right now, but is this is really the answer? Every time, an Anna rises, from the masses, every time the public bursts into anger against the atrocities of the government, should we continue tolerating this?

Knowing the nation that I have lived in all my life, I have seen method in madness. I have everything disorganized, the government, the roads, the people, can we afford any Tom, Dick or Harry start a political party based on their values and beliefs? Maybe some years later, just to vanish into thin air or join hands for dirty coalition politics? Where are we, the common standing amidst this? Don’t we lose out every time someone starts being political? A few candles at the India gate, randomly selected words by the media, and then everything is forgotten? What is the answer then if not this? Where shall we put our rage, if not directed at the blood sucking politicians? Where do we get our peace of mind from?
If Prakash Jha’s series of films to awaken the public is not the answer then what is? 



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3 thoughts on “Satyagraha! – Is this what we are fighting for? – A Movie Review

  • eatpraylovemovies

    The execution may have gone wrong, but I wouldn’t doubt their intent.

    And mass protests* honestly are the last resort in a country like India where the ”powers that be” turn a deaf air to the very own people who get them up there. As long as it can done peacefully! This IS the solution. The only way to wake them from their slumber. Your resorting to “we” in your closing para, seems to render futile the effort of so many people who are genuinely doing something, be it through lighting candles, walking rallies. They have done their bit and ARE still doing their bit! They haven’t forgotten.

    • Dream Peddler Post author

      @eatpraylovemoies: Completely agree with you, when we dont have a any other solution, this will be our last resort, but effect will it have on our next generation? wont it create more chaos and madness? And yes, I will definitely keep an eye open for ‘ A Little Revolution’