India’s Accidental Billionaires and the 2G-Telecom Scam


India’s Suresh Kalmadi and A. Raja, has been not been enjoying the media glare off-late. One already evicted for the CWG scam and the other waiting for the prosecution. However, herein, we question the sincerity with which these probes are being carried forward, and where shall the buck stop.

Vantage Point—the Accidental Billionaire—

Two names do strike to me, when somebody says ‘Accidental Billionaires’.  The first is the renowned FB founder Mark Zuckerberg, and the second is India’s just sacked telecom minister Mr. A. Raja. Obviously, anybody who knows both these names would not hold them in the same podium and the same light, but both of them do have an uncannysimilarity. It’s the urge to make it big. In the later case, morality doesn’t always come to the forefront, when the thing we are talking about is money.

Reeling under massive corruption charges which runs up to a staggering a 37 billion USD, A. Raja continues to be a highlighted face of our nation’s inevitably corrupt public servants, who will get away with a namesake repercussion, and without much serious consequences. This man has always been aware of what he is doing and what is yet to come for him, and he has executed every move and every step with clinical precision.  Safe playing, with so much money at stake has been his USP and he also knows that the so-called corporate governance and the regulatory bodies are just voodoo dolls waiting to be hypnotized and used for his own returns. With a full DMK backup on his right and the alleged involvement of the PMO in the loop of events, was an extremely clever ploy, to safeguard his interests and safely diverting the media attention and question the head-of-the-state’s integrity than his.

Raja obviously was in full learning, on how to bypass the conventional structure of auctioning for the telecom spectrum allocation and set up an much less transparent system of first-cum-first serve policy, hence involving big corporate names and setting up political muscle that would work him, incase he’s exposed. This certainly seems to be working, as the probes will ultimately end up in a blind alley as many a powerful lobbying protecting India’s business tycoons and political chums’ shall come into play. The objective to be fulfilled here – Win the battle without twitching a finger of yours.

What people like Raja holds good in them is that like Mark Zuckerberg, they point fingers at the loopholes of the system’s policies and monitoring the matters of such national interest with disdain and that is the only reason, why we should be thankful to them. A government with such rotten system of corporate governance had to someday walk into the trap. It’s like living in the jungle unarmed hoping that no tiger comes up.

Vantage Point – Prime Minister’s Office—

Expectations sometimes hard to meet! Manmohan’s second term, if realistically looked at, although much hyped and publicized with the media spotlight, has failed to keep up to the market’s expectations. With dramatic changes, a brand new polished cabinet, the UPA -2 was geared up with ambitious socio-economic projects aimed at the upliftment of the “am admi” (common man) The UPA -2 this time had truck loads of promises to deliver. With bouts of corruption, rocking the powerhouse at 10, Janpath, raising questions and criticisms on the PM’s indecisiveness and turnaround time when it mattered the most. In a time when India is raising its bar of prosperity and everyday a new benchmark is set on its standards, the international media is being given enough fodder, to chew on India’s phenomenal growth story. Although the Satyam scam has been dealt by the government with clinical precision, but again and again, the failure at the CWG and the telecom scam has jeered at the deficit that the policies still have.

As a commoner, I would ask if the buck would stop at Raja’s resignation, just as the CWG probe apparently stopped at Suresh Kalmadi’s sacking. In a land of such strong and independent judiciary system how can justice be denied? The fact that the Common Wealth Games preparation proceedings were at such a helpless state, came into the public furor so late and only when the national/ international media made their hands dirty, the government acted and the officials started scurrying. This is itself a loophole in the systems’ functioning, and governance, where so much of national pride is at stake. How can an OC chief by-pass so many legal systems and beauracratic approvals and indulge in corrupt deals of such magnitude? Why weren’t there checks at every level, when there was ample time to prepare itself for the mega event? A last minute cover-up and quick fixes do not make way for the intended purpose of hosting the Games.

Moving forward, to the 2G telecom scam, the PM 11 month-latency in replying to a petition filed by Subramanium Swamy for prosecuting A. Raja, was laughable. India can no longer polish its skin and let the cancer spread inside. Yes, prosperity has increased, but then so has our socio-moral complexities and the corruption charges nowadays are degree higher in complexity than in the previous decade. Putting up a brand new pack of fresh young faces in the cabinet, might do short-term wonders for Dalal Street, but what rots beneath, shall catch up and raise its ugly head no matter what.

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Oh! Where have all the shoe-throwers gone. India’s ‘servant-class’, accidental billionaires need a class of morality from their masters.

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