Hazare, Wiki-leaks and the cold feet of Democracy 2


This is laughable! One man, amongst a billion raises pitch, stands up firm against corruption and negative forces, gets the support of the nation, becomes the media’s darling and finally makes the government bow to his demands. Quite impressive, considering that this, god father lacking, face in the crowd, obscure Gandhian, suddenly becomes the leader

Reincarnated by Values

of the aam-admi.  But then a much anticipated twist, by the Indian political fraternity, has left me flabbergasted. They literally seem hell bent on defaming his 97 hour- being-in-the-spotlight, by a series of allegations, mud-throwing and credit taking verbal volleys.  As Rahul Gandhi banters about the Congress’ RTI act, old hag Advani and the finance supremo play the blame game on why the Lokpal bill wasn’t passed earlier, and the NCP joins the bandwagon by foreseeing a dangerous precedent in the ways and ideologies of one Anna Hazaare.

It seems like the whole of India is missing the bull’s eye yet again. Framing allegations and candid confessions but not a single honest statement about the outcome or the fate of the bill? It’s an open secret that every party is at stake of being exposed and stripped naked in front of the public, but it’s sad that nobody talks about it, let alone doing anything. The much hyped supposedly independent Indian judiciary is scarily silent on such issues. It hurts when you go through scams and corruptions of such high magnitude being exposed every day, it does make your morning tea bitter, and specially where in a nation we boast of having the largest democracy.

True, that the citizens are more aware, responsive, more proactive than they have been in the recent past, then why the politicians should be left behind? It seems like they are learning and are adapting even better. This India in its present era is witnessing a new breed of such cash-cows -educated, protectionist, image-conscious and ready to apologize and take a bow every time a misdeed is exposed. And when it comes to work done, we still look down an empty barrel. Take for instance the telecom scam. Once pressurized by the media, the top bosses came out with preformatted apologies. The Common Wealth Games (CWG 2010) fiasco, where millions of rupees were swept under the carpet, Manmohan made tons of promises, only to let the matter become obscure in public memories. The Nandigram-Singur blood bath, the West Bengal government promptly accepted their mistakes, asked for forgiveness and managed to come out more-or-less clean. It’s almost talismanic these days, to cash in on the happier public sentiment and project image of being stupidly proactive.

Democracy feeds on transparency. And the transparency that India needs now can only come through awareness of one’s right and might. Unless people are clear of what is rightfully theirs and forcibly demands that, it’s a blind end for Indian democracy. This awareness comes from two different ways, namely –

  1. Proper education for all.
  2. More such Hazaare and more of Wiki leaks ;-)


Yes, sir, you heard it right. The Hazaare’s and the Wiki leaks are a force of its own. The former shall bring in the awareness and the pro-activeness and the latter would usher in the demand for transparency among the intellectuals of the nation- and let it spread like cancer to the lower rungs. Educating half a billion is definitely cumbersome and uphill task; let it take its own course. In the meanwhile let us all sync voices and cheer for every Hazaare who rises every Wiki cables that gets published, exhaust all those dishonest apologies, someday, the politicians would realize that the only way to save the chair is the result at EOD.


That’s the day when democracy shall wash the blood of its hands.


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