‘Democrazy’ and the Yoga Guru


Jerk 1: “Dude, Nolan is directing his next – The Dark Knight Part –II!!!”
Jerk 2: “Whoa!! Cool! Who’s in, this time, same guy?”
Jerk 1: “Nopsy, It’s the Baba Ramdev”
Jerk 2: (Rolls on the floor laughing’ his ass out!)

Gotham had its dark knight, now it seems that the largest democratic nation has its own vigilante, who calls himself a nationalist. The ‘Saffron Knight’ of India has risen from the peaceful rubble of the yogic nirvana, clad in salwars and suits performing daunting high jumps here and there in the middle of the night. Putting in a new meaning on attaining super stardom in the democracy called India, and leading a pack of sheep to the ultimate glory. The Baba is giving our power-seeping politicians a run for their money. Taking up run-of-the-mills issues and ordering his trusted followers into the dark by-lanes of this never ending fight, the way out of which is known only to him- as of now.

Now, on a serious note, what is Baba’s plan? Baba Ramdev has been dropping hints now and then for quite sometime about his intention of joining politics. The BJP

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starts raising pitch on the black money stashed abroad; Anna sits on a non-violent fast in the heart of Delhi, against corruption and makes the Central Govt. bow to his demands of amending the Lokpal Bill, Ramdev starts raising concerns and he realizes there would no situation so apt to launch his pseudo-political career and mark himself in a different color to the people of India. A color that no one has seen before! The transformation of a spiritual leader to an individual fighting for the common man’s needs. A cult status indeed.

And hence the sage lands amidst the muck and mockery. The result? The Congress fearful of a major backlash sends in 4 Central ministers to appease the power-starved. The Yogi now realizes his powers and changes colors, and puts in another demand and hence breaks the agreement. The Govt. sensing anarchy, takes a ruthless step of evicting Baba from Delhi and deporting, in the process injuring scores of women and children in the middle of night. A bruised Ramdev, declares war against the Govt. and says he will be training an army of 11,000 armed men, to fight the Govt.

Here is where I ask, what gives him the right to play with the lives of 11,000 innocent men and women? Just because he has a fan following in a different arena, does that give him the power, use that force for his personal gains? Under what conscience is he gathering the public support about issues that even he is not sure of how to tackle? Is it black money or land acquisition or something else? Money or power for instance? This is clearly a politically masked campaign, that Ramdev is using to satiate his own hunger for power and wealth. A man harping about organized, unified fight against the atrocities of the Govt., should first get his priorities right. He, who talks about valor, should do an integrity check of his own. Yes, I beg to differ that this violent vigilantism is absolutely unethical, unconstitutional and outright extremism.

What Ramdev is doing is blasphemy to the core and no way does it hold well in comparison to what Anna Hazare did. Anna had a specific goal in mind, when he started his fast, about the Lokpal Bill. He knew his way, and he has fought for it. There is method in Anna’s way of fight, while Baba’s is madness. These two can never be weighed on the same common balance. That is the reason why I believe that Ramdev Baba is not what he says he is. He will remain a power-hungry, mass-hypnotic, pseudo-spiritualist.

Jug Suraiya aptly stated that today’s people’s champions could well be tomorrow’s dictators. A nation like India, with so many splattered colors of culture, mind set, demography, needs to be an organization. And that organization can only come through the process of democracy. The likes of Ramdev and others are just an agent of chaos – short lived, melodramatic, and a mutant breed, who only works for commissioned motives. And if we as citizens of this nation are to support him, he should also be prepared for the consequence that a few good men, who are fasting for the real good, shall fade away into oblivion.


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