Corporate Moral Responsibility for ‘We The People’ 3

-2010- LIC Housing Scam-

-2010 – 2G Telecom Scam-

-2009- Satyam Computers Fraud Case

Yes, you heard it right, we are not talking CSR. We have had enough  gags on the corporate social responsibility, but have we ever thought  about the corporate moral responsibility? In times of such  indispensible corporatocracy, when the socio-moral conflicts have  peaked, how do we re-instate the alleged character assassinations of  our top-notched corporate iconoclasts? Speaking on moral grounds  doesn’t the above list of India’s recent biggest scams hold a gun at  point blank range and aim at the ethical stand-points of the corporate  honchos?

Illegal money lending, bribing the politico-coruptos and raking in fake pay-slips might just create a stronger individual empire, but it doesn’t guarantee a robust nation, where money as a commodity is not monopolized and flows evenly to all quarters. No, am not talking about communist ideologies here, but an unregulated capitalist market is bound to work for only for the rich and the powerful, especially in a country which swears by its rags to riches stories.

But how do you measure the chastity of our politicians and the corporate power houses? As always the balance of chastity is as delicate as one of nature’s creations. How inclined are they to make business decisions that will NOT hamper/slowdown the moral values, as well as protect the economic interests of the nation as a whole? Yes, I know they are not here for charity, neither I am asking them open up old homes and schools for the deprived. But at the same time, one shouldn’t ruthlessly seek profit making avenues with no moral or social barriers. When you use the resources of the system, it’s only fair, you put something back, as you leave.

When the TATA group came up with a statement, protesting against bribing a minister for setting up an airline fleet, is what I exactly mean, when I say corporate moral Responsibility. Despite their huge opportunity in expanding their new found territory against a paltry 150,000 million rupees, TATA’s chose nationalism, over business. The system was denied it fodder, and the fact that it was denied the TATA group still doesn’t have an airline fleet against its name also holds true.

“It is not the benevolence of the butcher or the baker, but his self interest that feeds the nation.”

Business and ethics do not go hand in hand, but how far shall the butcher go and at what cost? The common man? The nation? The empire or an individual?

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