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Her: “What are you scribbling? Let me see!”

–Nothing, am just writing for a blog contest!
(As she forcibly takes my notepad from my protective grasp) ah!! i see, “what does real beauty mean to you?” that’s the topic, eh?
–I grunted, failing to take the notepad from her.
Her:“Why dont you write about our story?”

–What’s so great about our story? i said, finally getting a firm grip on the notepad.

Her:“What do you mean? Whats not so great in it?” From high school to today, its been 13 years.. finally we are here. its as if we were the rhymn and reason of this world outside.”
Still not convinced, I argue, i can tell you a 100 such high school stories which had their happily ever after.
Her: “No, you don’t understand, you know what sweetheart, i have seen people in love, and then move on, we had our shares of love and life and then moving on, and then again… alright, leave all those, tell me why do you love me?

–err.. umm.. because… i dont know, why do you need a reason for loving you..(stumped!)

“still… she persuaded…”
–Well, I fell in love with your eyes, and I look up to her..There is something in those batting eyelids that starts a tornadoeverytime i look at them, yes.. they dont bat, they speak..
And she holds my hand, hides her face in my shirt, my heart swells up as i feel her intermittent warm breath.“and…?”

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–And memories come back to me,  a decade ago, those swarming school corridors, those furtive glances, the casual touches that made me realize how beautiful life is when in love.she’s the woman who has taught me to pen down poetries, to laugh out loud.
Her: “Remember, the song which you requested at the music store?” It felt so special that day”

–Yes, i know,that was long time, almost 6 years huh? i was hopelessly in love with you that time, and you didnt even realize, stupid girl.
She held me tightly, and said with a small chuckle, ” was that the craziest thing, you ever did for a girl?”
–Well, since you ask, I have written atleast a 100 poetries for you, sat with you for 4 hours with the most horrible ever Irish coffee in the cafe joint, sent you  70 text msgs, in a span of 20 minutes at 3 pm in a drunken night, traveled 2000 miles just to see your smile, waited for you fall into my arms since 1998 to 2011…. and…

“Stop.. don’t say anything more..I love you.”  “Love you back”,  I whisper as I run my fingers through the black of her hair..  rub my nose along her shoulders, no i don’t want to rub life, the wrong way again.

–When was the last time, you realized you are beautiful..? i asked.

Her: “you make me feel beautiful already, i know i am not, but you make me!”


(I was the sultan of swing, in the subtle breath of the rose. A rose and you, the red of its petals, and the one on your lips, showed me the red through my blues, yellows and the violets. The sky was unusually crimson that evening, deep ‘red’ crimson, unfurled across the velvety sky. A gush of wind soothed my face, I just realized that you are the best part of me. Never to part with this moment.You gave me all the colors of my life. Why? Only that, because I love colors?)

… And we kiss…
Her: wow! why does it taste so sweet? i guess, its the vodka..

We smile at each other.. and we kiss again.

Let. Time. Stop.


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