Guest Post: Decorate your Homes this Christmas – with Class


Since the much waited time of the year is here. Let’s look at how you can decorate your house in a simple and classy way still having the traditional look. Not every house and its environment are suitable for stuffing all the holiday décor items blindly. It greatly depends on the personalities of the people living in the house and those who are coming to visit you in this time. If you are someone who likes staying classy here are some tips for you to follow.

First of all, to remain classy you must think of a theme you are going to follow. Since it’s all about celebrations till the next year starts, select some festive colors, not more than two to stay refined in décor. Otherwise you may end up overdoing things. Colors like gold or silver in contrast with a color like blue or grey can be very appealing. These colors tend to look festive in contrast and yet do not look stuffed as well. Color selection will make your shopping easier as well.

Now that the color has been selected, the first thing to look at is the entrance of your house. Follow the theme and decorate your doorstep. Go minimal yet with all the glitter and glam with  silver or gold colors. Use one or two items only but make them ‘bling’ to get the attention instead of stuffing the whole door with it and end up making your door look like an entrance to a cave.

Make the lighting appropriate to the season. Warm yellow light not only make’s the space look cozy but also makes your décor look more refined and flawless. Let’s not forget, it’s best for the holiday’s photos you’re going to take as well.  Put some scented candles on the tables and shelves and add some family photos with them to let the environment have that feel of family gathering time. The candles will add the pleasant aroma to the room with fragrances of your choice. Try magnolia or lavender scented candles and you’ll love the fragrance of your house then.  Do not add more than an item or two on your shelves, let  the décor simmer into the space, personify it.

Move on to the dining table. Yes, class comes from paying attention to the food serving too and it plays a huge role. Follow the theme of your décor on the table, themed napkins, salt and pepper containers, maybe some ribbons to tie the fork, knife and spoon as a set for every individual.

You can use crystals, homemade glitter snowflakes, beaded garlands or anything of that sort to decorate your tree and the fireplace area. If you don’t have a fireplace, assign a wall to these decorations and a corner for your Christmas tree. Re arranges your furniture to allow those endless family conversations which are the essence of every holiday season. You can also place some hazelnuts or chocolates for everyone in a plate on the table by the fireplace for  munching while having the family time.

These are some of the inexpensive things that can make a huge different. You just have to refine your decoration with just as much décor as needed to serve the purpose while following a color scheme to make your decorations unique yet traditional.

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