Guest Post: 8 Ways to Age Beautifully


Beside ugly bonus years, some of these mistakes of your youth can make you age quicker as well. As they say “wrinkles only go where smiles had been”, they’re wrong. Lets see some of the things that make you age quicker and worse and the things you can do to avoid it. Start today!


1. Sweet tooth:


Satisfying your sweet tooth every time is not a wise decision to make. Cut down on sugar as soon as possible. Along with increasing weight, high blood sugar levels damage the skin as well, making it one of the major reasons for wrinkles and saggy skin. The more you eat sugar the sooner you will make it to the grandpa face.


2. Exercise:


Little or no exercise at all in your routine is a big mistake. Exercise is essential for better regulation of blood flow and oxygen. Try utilizing the fresh early morning oxygen content of the environment and go for jogging if you look forward to having a quality time with your grandchildren later in life.


3. Cigarettes:


Bad news for those who smoke to make them look cool in their youth or for any other reason, you will be the first to age and that also so bad that you’re going to regret it later. The contents of cigarettes and the smoke that fills up your lungs each time you smoke can severely increase the aging process.


4. Not having enough fats:


Some fats are essential for you to have like omega-3 fats that are in fish oil and walnuts. Not taking fats is a big mistake as they are part of some very important processes going on in your body. So stop cutting down on fats completely.


5. Pillowcases:


Throw away all your cotton pillowcases and switch to satin or silk if you want to have a youthful face in your older age as well. While you smudge your face on your pillow, it can give you more wrinkles and increase hair fall as well.


6. Hard work and less sleep:


Hard work is the key to success but you’re shortening your years of enjoying it well. Proper amount of sleep and less stress to the body are important for aging well.


7. Regrets:


Well, a heart full of regrets is more like a brain messed up in thoughts and grudges from the past. Letting go will definitely give you a happier and healthier end and of course more friends to share your bonus years with.


8. Dental Care:


Since they are going to keep your identity longer than any part of your body, you should care for your teeth from childhood. Dental issues starting from cavities can lead to spread to other parts of your body as well through blood especially eyes! Brush twice a day and pay regular visits to your dentist.




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Ali Jan Qadir is passionate about art, food and fitness. He loves to shares things he has learned by experience. He is a contributor for a mattress blog, where he talks about things such as how to buy a mattress online . If you want to learn more about him visit his twitter.

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