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I cannot help, but draw the analogy between the construction works of a building and the effects of Ayurvedic medicine in various stages of our lives.

Imagine you are building a house and is right now at split ends of a dilemma weather to use up a chunk of our savings and go for the best of the raw materials, which you know will withstand the test of time, or go for the relatively cheaper stuff. Only later, to go beating around the bush, ‘correcting symptoms’ by dumping layers or cement over the cracks as and when they appear?

-/-What is the Ayurveda Philosophy? – Constitution of Human Body-/-

A healing mechanism that has been practiced and perfected within the society, spread only by words of mouth has many a lost links with modern day science. The reason why I brought up the analogy in the initial stage of this article is primarily to highlight the basic premise of how Ayurveda works. One of the prime aspects of Ayurveda to note is how it defines ‘health’. Well-being in Ayurveda is a balancing act between Vata, Pitta and Kapha – the 3 elemental doshas (Life Forces) in the human body. Ayurveda also, believes in an universal interconnected-ness, which are maintained and balanced by the 3 life forces. 

5 Elements Of Ayurveda

5 Elements Of Ayurveda

Ideally, these 5 elements (Paanch Mahabhutas) are in a state of equilibrium, and one of the basic therapy points of the Ayurveda is to leverage those imbalances create a state of harmony. The essentiality of Ayurveda lies in the fact that it supplements these deficiencies, to form a balanced unified state of the elements.


/How does your body react? – Ayurvedic vs. Chemically Processed Baby Oils/


The skin is primarily a platform for assimilation. It responds to the sensation of ‘touch’. So anything you put on this platform of assimilation should directly affect our internal systems and disrupt metabolism? How?

Any substances put upon the skin, is eventually absorbed by the body and given as nourishment to the plasma, blood and muscles (the 7 dhatus according to Ayurveda). Now, if any chemically processed/inorganic substances are applied to the skin, which are supposedly harmful, two things can happen –

  1. The body either rejects them right away and they create blockages on the surface of the skin, making the skin pores less viable to the free passage of air and absorption.
  2.  These harmful toxins are absorbed and naturally carried across through the blood stream across the entire system. Any of these chemically processed substances, which fails to interact and mix with our blood flow, creates instabilities in the metabolic absorption – slowing down the bodily mechanisms and affects the digestive system.


The rate of these disruptions will of course depend on the nature of the substance and the frequency of application of the substances.  


/Why does Ayurveda work for your baby’s early growth? – Working Principles of an Ayurvedic Massage/


‘Snehana’ – the method of applying oil to the human body to achieve a variety of physiological functions:

Eliminating Impurities - Induce tissues to release accumulated toxins by stimulating secretions and increasing blood circulation (Camphor) in the body.

Detoxification/Cleansing - This release of the accumulated toxins helps in the detoxification of the body (Shankhapushpi).

The rebuilding of the ‘Agni’ or the digestive fire (rate of metabolism) is a natural consequence of the cleansing process.

Increasing Immunity and development– Ayurveda by supplementing the deficiencies of the 3 life forces that primarily builds up the human body creates a natural harmony in the bodily functions. This in turn helps a sustainable and enhanced immunity and increase strength (Till Tail or Sesame Oil).   


✍  An increased vagal nerve activity leads to increased mobility food within the digestive tract which, in turn, is related to higher metabolic rate (& greater weight gain). It has been also has been observed that vagal nerve stimulation helps release certain growth factors such as IGF-1 which leads to greater weight gain.

Process  Map of Ayurveda Fundamental way of working.

Process Map of Ayurveda Fundamental way of working.

/How does chemically processed oil violate the constitution (Prakriti) of your baby’s system? /

        1.      The chemically processed oils that is so readily available in the market – most of which are a by-product/extracted from mineral oils. It has found in many cases that the way these oils are refined, may keep traces of highly toxic carcinogenic (cancer causing) materials. These also slow down skin function and normal cell development, causing the skin to age prematurely.

        2.      One more concern about the chemically processed/mineral oils is the superficial way it approaches the healing process. In order to maintain the body moisture, it creates a barrier within itself by clogging skin pores to a certain degree. This is done to prevent excess water loss and reduce dryness. This solution itself creates a by-product of a problem, by restricting the skin to perform it natural functions of cooling through sweat and ejection of toxins. 


What can we conclude?

Ayurveda maintains the synchronization between the human body and the universal elements. Hence one of its fundamental functions is to replenish the depleted elements in the system. It takes from nature and gives back to nature – a cycle which starts and ends in the natural resources. This is a choice we have to make for the next generation. A choice that is entirely based on our awareness and willingness to go back to the roots and into nature! Yes, we need to change with time, keeping a balance of affordability, comfort and safety. All the chemically processed baby products that we might use to build up that shield around our babies today can make or break their ‘wellness quotient’ going further and weaken the base during their early development years. The symptoms may not surface immediately, but many of the skin care oils we use today are not making the situation any better. So, if this can affect a fully developed adult like you, what are the chances that this ‘cancer’   will catch up to our children sooner than we think? Let us take the first step!





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