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Falling in love has never been so easy. As I deftly pull the hair pin, off my high bun, those exquisite waves fall along my shoulders rippling with a divine seismic motion. And with a classical dally head flip, I put the locks of hair, across my back – look down upon the mirror and just adore! A silent humming echo across the drawn curtains and a closed door, I put back a difficult boss, the sun, the sweat and a few unknown touches in a crowded metro. An occasional touch of my fingers running down in a smooth, unadulterated way caressing the

3 cheers for the blessed hair

loosened beads of my hair – I reflect myself. The dotting love every woman needs to feel beautiful from the inside emanates from within us. Sounds narcissist eh? May be, but it is a very significant yet unnoticeable and an undistorted “moment of Wow” for me – preserved from my childhood till date. I know, its regular, its mundane it’s like the boy-next-door, but it is being I.


I won’t say that I had ever neglected my superfluous tresses, but I had never really bothered about it – probably because I was blessed with the perfect blend. Even as a 5 year old, I used to jump up on my bed, so as to get a proper view of myself – face the mirror and sway like little Rapunzel, beaming and dancing with her free flowing golden locks. Sometimes I even used to drape mom’s sarees and pose like her. Even then, there was a feeling, as innocent as a new born – the feeling of the silk touch. I was given the name princess by my dotting dad, probably for the reason for what I am writing this blog today. On my 10th birthday, Rita aunty gave me a set of Barbie hair pins – and everyday to school, I used to insist mom that she dresses me up with those. Oh! How much I loved those.


Although I was treated like a princess but I was raised like any other boy would have been. Feminism and tantrums were not part of my vocab. So, as a result of which make-ups and make-overs were kept aside only for the occasions. And so was pampering my hair. There was this deep sea green can of coconut oil and the hour glass shaped peach colored “egg shampoo”. The two ingredients of the ultimate hair care, during my growing up days – stereotype and a routine affair. Today when I think of those things I can laugh away. But to tell you the truth, as I entered university, I was flooded with male attention and I was more carefree, with unkempt, loosely tied buns, or letting them fall gracefully and adorn the way I have walked. Style statements and trends were changing fast and I was trying out every other brand of shampoo that I laid my eyes on. Slowly my hair seemed to bear the brunt of it. The dust and the pollution were gradually taking the sheen away. I used to be exasperated with it, at times and then again, I was too busy with my university activities and life – that I hardly had time. Love then was emanating only to the outside world. And just like any other platonic relationship withers away with time, the same thing was happening with me. Sometimes I wanted to have my beautiful tresses mercilessly chopped off, and have that suave, sophisticated look. But something always stopped me from doing that. Deep inside me I had always wanted a long lustrous hair. It’s something that I identify myself with- Free flowing, untangled and un-caged like a bird. I was in a dilemma.


But, I guess, when you want something from the bottom of your heart, the whole universe conspires to give that thing to you. One day while collecting the electric bills from our letterbox, I found a “Dove Hair Care” shampoo sticking to it. It was a free sample, and I was ignorant enough to even realize that it yet another god send gift for me. I was happy to try out one more shampoo and experiment more with it. And believe me, I have stopped complaining since that day onwards. I had stuck on to Dove since then, I don’t remember exactly but it should be around 5 years, that I have *not* changed my brand of hair care. And ever since that day, I have recommended Dove to at least a score of people at my university and my workplace, because I believe in sharing the love and the happy ending. My hair is as straight as it should be – as silk as it should be – as beautiful as it should be. I had always loved the Dove advertisements and when I actually see one of  those nowadays, I feel so special, as if I am, yes, I am one of the many Dove women. It’s magical and Dove is just as important to me as is my need to feeling beautiful from within. No, I don’t do any coloring, no straightening, and no blow dry (well, I won’t lie, but yes sometimes I do blowdry, but nothing else, my hair is too precious). I don’t spend time even today, taking care of the gift, but I just use Dove and that takes care of the rest – the most blessed part of me. It just simply makes my day. After all everything in this universe is based on the law of transactions – what you give is what you take.



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