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“Yes, the cake is big.” Those are the first thoughts that crossed my mind when I downloaded the Intel Appup store. Being the person who likes to put muscle in his net book instead of clouting the smart phone, I realized Intel is taking the big step to have that first mover advantage into an overlooked market with huge potentials. There has been

Traversing the Uncharted Territories - Intel AppUp

pessimism over Intel’s aggressive App drive, with people saying that every body wants a piece of the cake, and Intel is pretty much late to make a foray into the already captured market.  What I felt after an initial research is that although market share for apps are dominated by Google and Apple, the concept is not new, but the niche/target audience definitely is, since Intel has been focusing on the net book/PC apps besides the mobile app share. Intel has opened up a new dimension in the app market, for the scores of net book, laptop and desktop users. In an era where Apps are related to social networking sites and mobile phones, because of their use-and-throw architecture, Intel has given a new definition to the concept, and this is here to rise.



My research tells me that Intel although a 2 year old to the App market it has surpassed Google in the number of Apps provided to the users. Google has around 2500 apps while Intel has clocked 5000+. So what has contributed to this phenomenal rise of the Intel Apps? Primarily, this is because

a)    The market for developing apps for net books and PCs were untapped and had huge growth potential.

b)    Intel has a much larger presence than an Android or a Mac, the idea spread like wild fire.

c)     Intel has been splitting revenues with their developers in a 70/30 sharing basis, which is long step forward, in encouraging them to put in their best foot forward.


Development has never been my forte; however I went into the AppUp Store a pretty curious soul. Confused by the details provided in the site, I downloaded the AppUp Store and believe it or not, I was amazed by the sleek and formatted representation of the listed apps. I couldn’t think any category that might not have been there in the store.


The music and the utilities sections are extensive and provide a host of delectable apps that the users can relish on. The guitar app, and the finance related apps where something which I can relate to my daily work schedule. However, the first things that come to my mind when I think of an App are

Feasibility, Accessibility, Connections, Organize and Ease-of-life.  And the best utility that won my vote with these things on priority is the Cozi App. And why the Cozi Express App? Here are 10 reasons on why this App is an all in one super-app.


1. Date-‘wise’ (Family Calendar): If you have a large family spread across different areas, where it’s  difficult to stay in touch with every other activity   that happens there is a shared online calendar, which you or any of your included family members can update.

“Imagine the horde of possibilities where you can update a family potluck, list a birthday reminder or maybe the 50th anniversary your grandparents, so that the whole gang can pop out of nowhere and clap away to merry- All these things at the tip of your fingers. Sit back, relax and the app sends you

Get Cozy with Cozi

periodical reminders on phone (call or text) and email both. We had this group e-mail system prevalent with a popular email provider, and I can say that at times it gets a tad irksome when you have to keep on sending reminder e-mails to the group to stick on to the plan. I guess it’s time to do the new.”

2. To-Do-or-Not-To-Do (To-Do lists): These days, we have a to-do list everywhere, stuck on the fridge, the office, your personal diary and then another list to maintain and track all the lists! Oh! Gosh! All you need to do is just change this habit for the better. Why do we continue to do what we are doing if there is a different way out there? 10 seconds for a task, update and go fly a kite, the App will do its job. Sounds easy eh?

3. Shopaholic (Shopping List): Recall those days when you went to the super market and came back home only to find that you forgot to get that very important ingredient for your wife, just because you forgot to check the other side of the list? Yes, you will be a happy man at night :-)

4. The Holler (Journal Blog): Imagine you are gearing up for the day on a very-busy morning and suddenly you see through the corner of your eye,        your 2 year old is taking baby steps, you are overjoyed and want to share this at the heat of the moment with your mom and dad living far away. Click the        picture type a line or two and kazoom!!! Let the world know about the kiddos first ever steps. It’s a journal, a family blog – especially for the busy bees.

5. With You all the Way (Mobile Accessibility): Doesn’t matter what brand of mobile phone you are into iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or a Windows phone, Cozi can get cozy with you anywhere, in office or the couch  :-)

6. Happy Faces (Photo Collage Screensaver): Ever wished for a screensaver with faces of your most beloved ones floating around? Design your own and sit back with a coffee ring up a buddy and go down the memory lane, with the “summer of ’69” at the backdrop.

7. Outlook Sync: An avid outlook user? Enter your schedules on Outlook and Cozi will complete the rest for you. Rack your brains only on the code, and nothing else matters. Keep a tab of the list/schedule in your PDA, net book or any device that is in sync with Outlook.

8. Streamline: A gathering is fun – especially if it’s under one umbrella and the people underneath are all the ones you love to be with. Put up a moment-   everyone laughs, share a To-Do – somebody volunteers to do that. Upload an event – and all your family drops by just to gift you a memorable evening.

9. Ideate: Cozi has a wonderful forum where you can drop by a lazy afternoon, and get a list of ideas for a whole new meaning of simplifying life. Ideas for green living, kids and family, organizing what you cannot, need a potluck brainwave. A complete package.

10. Maximize: It’s the human nature, die or live with it! We need that extra form everything that we have. Be it our job, our family our commitments, we   squeeze the sponge till the last drop is extracted. And Cozi does give you that extra bit of your ‘own’ sweet time. After all the job won’t take care of you           when you are down, but the family will.


And with the brand loyalty and presence that Intel has among the common households and this coming straight from the AppUp Store, I won’t think twice in giving this super app a 5 star –

*         Feasibility
*         Accessibility
*         Connections
*         Organize
*         Ease-of-life

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This blog is an entry to the “My Favorite PC App” contest. Check out numerous apps for PC/Netbooks available at the Intel AppUp Center. If you are looking for an opportunity to build and monetize your applications, check out the Intel® Atom™ Developer Program.





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