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Welcome to my Awards Section. Here is a list of Articles/blogs which have represented the author in various events/campaigns and writing contests. A link to each of these have been added below. Hope you Enjoy! Happy Reading.

1. Too Busy To Care Campaign – Organized by BlogAdda and Tata Tea

Dated: 26 – April – 2011.

This was one of my foremost and by-far my most valuable blog awards. This social awareness campaign was organized by the BlogAdda team, The theme revolved around the many facets of the urban life and how while running against time, we forget the humane face of ours. This was to speak out!!

Too Busy To Care Campaign Poster.



Winning Entry: Dream Another Day –  


2. Real Beauty Campaign- Organized by IndiBlogger, Dove and Yahoo!

Dated: 15 – June -2011

This was one writing contests which needed the best of the creative juices within you. Big platform and big audience. The theme revolved around the perception of the real beauty in and around us.  Paint your imagination.

Dove Real Beauty IndiBlogger contest winner!

Winning Entry: In Her Beautiful World



3. Intel AppUp: My Favorite PC App ContestOrganized by IndiBlogger and Intel

Dated: 20 August -2011

This was from Intel and the Indi-team, and this write up demanded a very critical approach, in terms of product review and selection of the app. The theme was based on the Intel’s range of PC Apps and the niche market for  it.






Winning Entry: “App Up!” you life with Intel



4.Discover QVENDO – A luxury private Shopping ClubOrganized by IndiBlogger and QVENDO


Dated: 11- Dec- 2011

An elite shopping club with their host of delectable shopping bonanza, up for a grab, this was the most challenging write ups for me till now. A range of the best European brands up in an open shelf, ready to be hand picked and indulged into.

DISCOVER QVENDO IndiBlogger contest runner up

  Winning Entry: Shopper’s D’Elite@ QVENDO



4.Imlee Stories –  - Organized by Blogadda and Imlee

Dated: 05-Nov-2012










Wining Entry: The Tintin Blog

The Idea Caravan - Runner-up

Winning Entry: Social Blood: Leveraging Big Data


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