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A few of Dream Peddler’s published work on Spiritz&More.


Wayne Brady – The Stage on Fire!!

An Excerpt –

The evening lights were beaming and there was no lack of the anticipation at The Park Hotel, Calcutta to see the master of Improvisation Comedy juggling with words that the audience throws at him on-the-spot. We were immediately greeted with the distinctive smell of the Black Dog cocktails, with a hint of soda and sprinkled ice accompanied by a sumptuous palate of dishes. The show kicked off with the graceful Lola Kutty a Channel [V] VJ, as she connected the dots between Malayali and theBengali common thread. But the show was stolen off almost immediately by an effervescent Sourabh Pant, who glided in and out of the limelight, with an unmatched élan, and reduced the audience into a mere group of squealing rabbits by his subtle and moderated satire…


Masterclass Music with Vishal & Shekhar @ the Dosti Concert!

An Excerpt –

Touching and remembered! And the unexpected happened – Vishal jumped off the stage and came rushing to his fans, hugged and brushed past hundreds of excited people and off-course scores of screaming girls. That was a time when some people did have their share of the limelight and yes, a dream come true for many. There were lights, smoke, cheers and unimaginably pure music at your feet, ready to be lapped up, served hot by the kings’ themselves. As the group requested all the lights of the stadium to be switched off, and the audience were asked to hold up their mobile phones, with their lights flickering and waving. It was a magical experience, 12,000 mobiles phone, lighted up the stadium as the trio sang the song…



Signature Premier World of 8 International Fashion Tour, Kolkata!

An Excerpt -


The Kolkata chapter of the Signature Fashion Tour featuring Bollywood leading actor Irfan Khan, flaunting off the mystique bridal collection showcased by the Indian designer duo Shane and Falguni Peacock represented the hues of the classical Madrid. The showstopper for the evening was the exquisitely beautiful Miss Spain Paula Guillo. With the daintiness of the new autumn leaves, top Indian models paraded with the beautifully embroidered sarees, lacey, unlined blouses and dazzling lehengas, with a hint of Swarovski elements. The flirtatious glances and the swishing of the lehengas spread an irresistible aura around the auditorium, leaving the audience spellbound and putting India right up there in the global fashion map.



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