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My mom says I am sleepy head. My dad believes he’s lost all hope in his only son. My childhood buddy says I am super like. My tigress finds me too mushy. My Inspiration says I am a thinker. My blog mates tell me I am the boy who dreamt too much. And finally my boss finds me god damned responsible. :-)

What am I? Who am I? Where do I come from?

I am spirited, smirnoff flavored! I am often Floydish! I am forgiving! I am a rascal, but not a scoundrel! I

Dream Peddler

am in love with the seas, and the star studded sky. I was in love with a beautiful doe eyed girl, and still in. I am a good friend, but never a better enemy. Sarcasm doesn’t come to me naturally. I am a computer half-literate.


I love sleeping late. I love pizzas and mud pies. I love joblessness when I am in office. I love writing about people who inspires me. I love silence. I love staying up late, contemplating. I love the Mary Jane. I love poetries, and café joints and sheeshas. I love coming home, and face book. Then there is the lonely guitar strums at 3 am in the night, Oh! I love that sound too!

I don’t hate any thing, but I don’t love gossips and peeping toms. I don’t love checked shirts, and monkey caps. Neither do I love the tropical summers. I don’t love a routine, a schedule, a government job or anything that sounds similar. I don’t like being “just like that”

I just know, I am yet to be a somebody. Let it be..for now!

I am I said… to no one there.  — this was when Neil Diamond sang his blues!

I do dream … still…!

Feel free to put in your valuable words of advice .. or maybe just drop me a note, in case you find something worth!

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