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My topics are not run-of-the-mill – An Interview with Sagarika Chakraborty 2

    Sagarika, apart from delving into serious research work, she has written numerous fiction/poetry for various on line and print media, and is an avid salsa enthusiast. This is her first book put forth to Womanhood.- “A Calendar Too Crowded” – An Interview. A corporate lawyer, to a freelance researcher, to a management professional and […]


Rain, Rain go away… 2

(Click Photo to enlarge)  ___________________________________ “It’s raining again, as I finished my coffee sitting at the balcony, staring at the lonely road. A lone dim lamp-post, half hidden by the wet, bending palash tree. A taxi passes by very slowly, visibility is down to zero.“ ___________________________________ (Click Photo to enlarge)  ___________________________________ “I want to kick […]

Reflections 1

    __________________________ “There are certain things, you can never see with naked eyes, its just that, times you need to look into the mirror to know that inner self- the true color of light.“ __________________________ (Click to Enlarge) __________________________ “Sometimes its necessary to  look back into what you have missed, Its  makes you realize  your destiny – […]