Monthly Archives: February 2012

The Mind Hunters

  The Greatest Distance covered by man, is sometimes the distance between two people.                                                                                                                       —A tagline from the movie ‘300’.  This line set my thoughts off… I had a flicker of an idea, about the topic of my next blog. Two people, the different perspectives, separate desires, dreams and ambitions, which never met, and […]

What is the yardstick to happiness?


I have shed my tears all of this night, I have started this yet again, a brand new fight! The moon, the time and the steely September, Whispered to me, “U must move, she aint your lover”! Another dream went crashing down in the fall, The bullet with the butterfly wings has miles, before the […]

…As the night Crawls…

… into an exhilarating graying smoke, I dream of a new world, of a new vision; as if an un-noticed door has been left slightly open. Suddenly I see, me in a new timeline, traumatized, slowing to an extreme. The grayish haze has vanished slowly into the digital abyss, a state of sleep walking into […]