Monthly Archives: January 2012


The Flight of a Fallen leaf

I used to be my own protection…not now! Coz my mind has lost direction…somehow! I used to emit the positivity…not now! Coz my heart’s connectivity…somehow!   Blaming my own expectation for the awkward results I obtain.. Time to fill the voids for the grace to regain.. Its the humour hiding all my problem.. Now need […]

Sunset Moods – and the City 4

  The molten city sun at the brink of dusk –  through an amateur lens… Into the sleeping sun, Of a parabolic freedom, I want to escape - to the woods -to the silence, Where words kill.       Into the night stretched to eternity, Of an enchanted star studed sky, I want to steal […]

The Calcutta sunset:  Nikon L-120