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Old Man River: Calcutta Twilight at the Ganges 7

A silent evening at the beset of the wintry Calcutta evening, a photographic journey from twilight to enlightenment. With just a camera in hand, and a bountiful of stagnant dreams, I set off for this incredulous trip to one of Calcutta’s heritage places and capturing the most beautiful sunset scapes, I have seen for quite a […]

Sunset Point - Princep Ghat

Photo Source: Internet

It’s Raining Again 6

Stop calling me ‘sweetheart’! I don’t think I deserve to be called by that name. You don’t even know the rest-of-me.  I have spent sleepless nights, thinking how it would feel if I wouldn’t have been ‘I’, how I would have written those old withered dampened pages of my diary. Erased and written once again i.e.! […]