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Wake me up when september ends 2

A touch – a shiver – of heaving breaths – of dripping water – along the bare skin – a whisper – unreadable – a pleasure – of unspoken words – of a silence that speaks – a love bite – butterfly wings; fluttering – the unseen reds – of a kiss – of curled […]

The Marinated Backwaters of Memory

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Nirvana 3

Acceptance, The universality of my choice, A-make-believe reality called life. My memories never cease to amaze me, of how they swarm in at the moments I expect them the least. Unexpected guests they are, but they start concurring your thoughts you hardly mind their invisible presence. A plaything of the sub conscious, the devil’s desire, […]

Love: The potion of “life” 2

Behind every success, there is a sacrifice… Behind every puff of smoke, there is a fire… Behind every love song, there is a love story… Behind every minute passed in life, there’s one innocence…   Every thing we do, there’s an invisible hand, that lights up our way that inspires and infuses. People say life […]

The Unconditional Love - (Source -wepc)