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I Love Blue ! 7

Prologue: Year 1996: Imagine – a 10 year old, with unstable hands dipped in water colors – vibrant and beautiful, with the utmost concentration, unsure, yet free-flowing, trying to draw the lines – the lifelines with colors! As a kid he was always scolded by his art teacher, for not being able to color within the […]


‘Democrazy’ and the Yoga Guru

  Jerk 1: “Dude, Nolan is directing his next – The Dark Knight Part –II!!!” Jerk 2: “Whoa!! Cool! Who’s in, this time, same guy?” Jerk 1: “Nopsy, It’s the Baba Ramdev” Jerk 2: (Rolls on the floor laughing’ his ass out!) Gotham had its dark knight, now it seems that the largest democratic nation […]

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